Interview with Dave Shepherd, Director, Barclays Digital Eagles & Eagles Lab Chairman

Barclays Digital Eagles are employees with a passion for online and social media who volunteer their time to explain technology to their colleagues and to the public.

Barclays Eagle Labs provides maker space facilities, office and desk rental as well as business incubation for start-ups and high growth entrepreneurs. Dave Shepherd looks after 17,000 Digital Eagles in the UK and has operational and implementation responsibility for the delivery of the Barclays Eagles Labs programme nationally.

There are currently 3 Labs situated in Bournemouth, Cambridge and Brighton with Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Oxford and Reading coming in the next few months.

How do you encourage your people to share their knowledge across your organisation?

Sharing together and collaborating together in an environment that is inclusive (and exclusive) is vital. My goal at Barclays when we developed the Digital Eagles to teach each other to “become the most digitally savvy workforce in UK Retail,” was to make it a really exclusive club, that anyone could join.

How does Barclays embrace the use of knowledge sharing technology?

We have a dedicated colleague app. It is a secure container that allows colleagues to use their own phone to receive news updates, app demos, podcasts and video streams.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to a new leader on sharing knowledge openly?

At Barclays and with our Digital Eagles initiative, in particular, my biggest learning was the “How” you do things is just as important (and some cases more important) than the “What” you do.

Hear more from Dave as he presents on the topic ‘Connecting Culture and Vision Through Creative Thinking’ at BridgeCon 2017 on 31 January.

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